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Minoura Gyro V150

Minoura Gyro V150
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GYRO series is Minoura's latest and finest tire drive trainer with various new features for aiming to much more natural pedal feel, much wider resistance range, overwhelming quietness and easiest installation/removal of bike.

Quietness is one of the finest points on GYRO. It is much quieter than our VFS series which was used be the world quietest trainer, so GYRO is the best choice ever for those who live in apartment house.
Nobody is allowed disturbing neighbor's peaceful life.
Most competitors don't care about the noise. Even if they say their model is quiet, we can say they don't know how serious the actual demand is. We have been trying very hard to reduce the noise level for many years. The history length is different from them.

The total resistance range becomes double to VFS series. In addition, we are focusing on lower power zone where should be the main stage on daily exercise. Of course, GYRO can generate super strong power to fit professional riders' desired level.

Another beautiful point on GYRO is its equal step of resistance range. GYRO provides 7 resistance levels and each difference is almost same from low to high. It was never realized on any other trainers.

V150 is the upper-middle model in GYRO series with the 2nd heaviest flywheel and new H-shaped frame.
V150-2 now adopts the convenient Foot Step.

SKU# AM1410