Clothing and armour for bicycle riding.

Bike Clothing and Body Armor

Clothing and Armor for whatever the weather, road or trail throws your way!

From biking in sunshine to slipping through sleet and snow, Silent Sports has you covered (literally) with the hippest hi-tech bicycle clothing and safest body armor for the ultimate ride in comfort and style.

We carry only the best brands for our customers like Dissent, Endura, LG, IB, and Oasis! Our staff is made of many seasoned riders, so please feel free to tap into their vast knowledge for choosing the proper duds to fit your style and season of riding.

bycicle clothing and armor
Cycling and Cross Country Skiing Jackets
Stay Dry, Stay Warm
Cycling Shorts and Bibs
Style and Comfort
Cycling Jerseys
Breathable, Light and Comfortable
Cycling Gloves
Protect Your Hands
Activewear Bottoms
We've Got You Covered
Anything Else?

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