Cross country skis, boots, and poles.

Cross Country Skis & Equipment

Cross Country skis, boots, and poles for this season!

Kick, stride, and glide your way to fun, fitness, competition, and just overall enjoyment of the beautiful winter outdoors with cross country ski equipment from Silent Sports. Downhill skiing is not the only way to enjoy the frosty months. Here in Canada, Winter is always coming, so why not be prepared to experience its full majesty this season with our fabulous selection of cross country skis, boots, poles and bindings. Don't forget to check out our ski swaps in the fall and winter for used equipment too!
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Cross Country Ski Boots
Warm, Comfortable Support
Touring Cross Country Skis
Go Explore!
Cross Country Skate Skis
Push Hard, Go Fast!
Cross Country Ski Bindings
The Right Connection
Cross Country Ski Accessories
Everything You Need
Cross Country Ski Poles
One For Each Arm

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