2017 Zeeko White & Green Foil

2017 Zeeko White & Green Foil

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ZEEKO R & D offices are proud to announce the release of the latest development foils 'Alloy Series'. An aluminum foil with the best quality / price ratio.
- A finish further increased
- Improved hydrodynamic fuselage
- New quick plate/board connexion
- A wider range of fins option covering all types of practice
- transport case delivered with the foil

The White & Green hydrofoil is a very easy and efficient hydrofoil.
It has a very high stability and enables progress serenely while having a very good speedpotential (beyond 30kt).

EASYNESS & FREERIDE / Ideal for beginners
Below are the advantages of using aluminum hydrofoil instead of a carbon hydrofoil to
learn how to hydrofoil:
- The mast has various length (40cm, 70cm, 90cm or 96cm). You can learn with a 70cm
long mast (ideal for first trials) and switch to a 90cm long mast (ideal for freeride). The
balance will be easier to control than a long mast 1m.
- The yaw effect is more controllable: you get more control (to illustrate the yaw effect, look
at the hydrofoil on its top and imagine that the rear wing swing from right to left, with the
front wing as fixed point).
- The speed is more controllable.
- The price is among the lowest in the market without losing quality

ZEEKO ALLOY SERIES: A heavy-duty foil.

Mast, plate and fuselage
All our Alloy series hydrofoils are manufactured with a special aluminum alloy (most of the hydrofoil are made of 6061, this is not our case), our alloy increase the rigidity of the
hydrofoils but also offer an unmatched protection against corrosion .
Also when most hydrofoils are only anodized, our foils are anodized and painted with paint reducing drag and increasing the performance.

Front wing, back wing
The front wings and the rear wing have been designed and developed for maximum comfort and stability.
The wings are made of pre-preg fiberglass with a modern method for molding allowing an unprecedented rigidity and an unmatched assembling precision.
The front wing is designed with a anhedral shape for a better control during turns and for
a better control of the yaw effect.

Vertical back fin
This vertical fin is switchable (standard height: 2.5cm), it offers great stability especially
in the yaw axis (ideal for beginners), it can be changed by a higher fin (4.0cm) to further
reduce yaw effect. All twintip fins are compatible.

SALT WATER & Alloy products
The aluminum parts are anodized and painted, offering double protection against corrosion.
The aluminum used is the most resistant to salt water.
It is recommended to use the T-Gel for the screws (supplied with your alloy hydrofoil).

New plate, quicker board/plate connexion
The new White & Green hydrofoil plate was designed to facilitate the connection to the board.
No need to unscrew fully the 4 screws, just loose 1/4 turn both front screws and unscrew the 2 rear screws and the hydrofoil is removed.
The plate is compatible with all boards on the market, two distances are available: 165X90mm or 160X85mm

More hydrodynamical fuselage
The fuselages are produced using a 5 axis machine allowing to remove holes on top of the fuselage made to connect the front wing. This results in a decrease in drag of the hydrofoil.

A full range of wings available (option)
The white & Green hydrofoil is supplied with the freeride front wing. You can also be equipped with an optional Carver wing ideal for turns and tacks or with a speed wing allowing you to achieve your best runs.



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