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Neilpryde CR:X Kite 7m

Neil Pryde

$1,375.00 $699.99 $675.01

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Design Profile:

- 3 strut construction = good in light winds, but keeps stability in higher winds

- Easy relaunching in all wind conditions

- Designed to fly forward, but not compromise downwind performance during racing


- High strength ripstop canopy material

- NeilPryde exclusive Dacron used for the leading edge and wing reinforcement

- Compact pulley less bridle made from low stretch bridle line.

Features and Benefits:

- A and B settings to tune the feel of the kite as per the rider's preference on bar travel and bar pressure

- Single Point Inflation system with high flow valves and quick dry Silicone covers that do not absorb or hold water

- Rear line trim adjustment

- Low control bar pressure