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Stand up Paddleboarding - SUP

Try stand up paddleboarding and SUP for fantastic fun and health.


Stand up paddleboards offer some of the most versatile fun and excitement on the water! From a relaxing Sunday yoga SUP or paddle session, to sliding into the bowl and owning that bomb wave, a paddleboard adds versatility to your water sport quiver and gives you almost limitless possibilities of "on the water" activities. It’s also heaps of fun solo, with friends, or when rockin a family paddle session! SUP is one of the best watersports for the family due to it's low risk and very social nature. Get out there!

Silent Sports is pleased to offer what we feel is the best equipment and accessories in the industry. We carry top brands like JP, NP, Bic, Imagine, and Starboard. Whatever your SUP'n style, we have the board, paddle, or accessory to fit your need. Don't forget to check out our stacked range of "SUPcessories" to give your ride that extra flair on the water!

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Stand Up Paddle Boards

With an emphasis on crossover SUP and windsurfing boards, we carry the toughest and best performing SUP boards on the market


We scour the planet for the best quality stand up paddleboards on the market. We test, compare, and use every model board we stock so every customer recieves the pinnacle of SUP performance and fun! Lately we have also been focused on SUP’s that function as both windsurfing boards as well as paddleboards. Part of this is because it’s a lot of fun to windsurf on SUP’s and it’s just silly to not have the option. Windsurfing boards are built to be stronger and lighter than your average SUP and ensures that every stand up paddle board we sell is built to the not only the highest standards of quality, but also performance and fun!

SUP Paddles

New SUP paddles for sale


Naturally, we have a stellar selection of paddles to match our paddleboards. To ensure that we are providing the best paddles possible we work with trusted brands like JP-Australia, Imagine Surf, Bic, and Chinook. Each brand has different qualities and we ensure that no matter what paddle you get, you’re getting it at the best possible price.

SUP Accessories

New surfboard fins for sale


We have a full line of accessories like board leashes, board bags, and water wear. We carry the best brands in the business like Dakine and FCS. These are the brands that have been supplying the SUP industry from the start, just like us.