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How To Wing Surf on the Snow in 5 Minutes

  02/05/2021 at 20:49 pm

Wing Surfing On The Snow is Actually Easier Than You Think!

Today we wanted to show everyone how easy and accessible wing surfing on the snow can be. We went out on the ice with our friend Fred to show him how to wing surf on skis. We believe this is one of the easiest ways to introduce someone to the sport. With just a few instructions Fred was off and having fun.

Fred on ice learning how to use a wing foiling wing

What really got us excited about wing skiing was that really anyone could do this. There is little to no danger learning how to use a wing. Other wind sports can be more dangerous and difficult to learn. This is unique in the way you can put a wing in anyone’s hands, and they will be capable of learning how to use it. Worst case scenario, the wingtip catches on the ground and the wing nosedives. No problem! Just pick the wing (or yourself) back up and keep going!

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With millions of people that already know how to ski, we found that skis were the perfect introductory platform for this sport. On skis you are stable and can always walk/skate back to where you started. If the wing does not have enough power, you can always skate to get yourself going. Once moving, the wind and wing will keep you going and almost ensure a great time on the snow. Best of all, you don’t need any fancy gear, just an old (or new) pair of skis and of course a wing!

woman up close using a wing for snow winging

In this video we went over some key tips for using the wing:

  • Start by picking up the wing using the front handle
  • Learn to flip the wing over from the middle, or by walking your hand down to the wingtip
  • Work your hands down the strut to the lower handles to gain power
  • Always keep the front hand (closest to the leading edge, or nose of the wing) above your head
  • If the wing is going into a nosedive, punch your back hand down to send the wing back up
  • When changing directions, pass the front handle from one hand to the other over your head

Now you’re ready to give it a try!

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By Rob