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Bicycles for mountain, road, and race. We have your bike!

Silent Sports has over 40 years in the bicycle industry. From track to trail, sidewalk to mountain, we've got you covered and carry the bikes and geometry to get you where you need to be! Our extensive inventory of top bicycle brands are a testament to the relationships forged in this two wheeled industry. Through these connections we have unintentionally surfaced as Toronto's most trusted ambassador to brands like Norco, Surly, Rocky Mountain, and Devinci. Whether your in the market for a new bike, or looking to put a new pony in your stable, Silent sports offers a service & purchasing experience that's second to none. Tap the phone number at the top of the screen to give us a call today! We love talking bikes, trading tales, and making sure our customers ride away happy!


Bike apparel for race, mountain, trail and urban travels


Clothing and Armor for whatever the weather, road or trail throws your way!

From biking in sunshine to slipping through sleet and snow, Silent Sports literally has you covered! With the hippest hi-tech bicycle clothing and safest body armor on the market, get ready for the ultimate ride in rain or shine with comfort and style.

Outfit your ego and start poppin' your style with decadent selections from top brands like Dissent, Endura, LG, IB, and Oasis! For those of you less concerned with style and craving functional facts, our staff consists of many a seasoned rider! Call or come in today to freely tap into our vast cumulative knowledge for insight in choosing the proper duds to fit your style and season of riding.


Bike Parts & Components

All the bike parts you need for easy upgrades and needed bicycle repairs.



Bike Parts for easy upgrades and "Over the Handlebar" repairs!

Silent Sports has traveled the world (literally and digitally) picking and choosing the finest parts and components in the land. We know riders because we are riders, and nothing beats the look and feel of lighter cranks, faster derailleur, or better brakes from tried and true top industry brands! Over the years we have compiled an overwhelming inventory of top quality components and gear for upgrading and repairing your rides!

Gnarly crash? No worries, we carry a full line of OEM and replacement parts for every bike we stock ( and even some we don't). Ride time rocks, make the most of your season this year and give us a call or visit to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff to upgrade, repair, or just add flair!


Bike Tools & Lube

The tools you need for bike adjustments and repair, the lube to keep it all running smooth


Bicycle Tools and Lube to keep you riding slick and rolling smooth!

If you are into cycling or even just own a bike, you owe it to yourself to invest in quality bicycle tools or lube to keep your steed running smoother than the day you brought her/him home. As cycling enthusiasts ourselves we understand the importance of bike maintenance and the frustrations that arise without the proper tools during small repairs. From minor fixes to daily two wheeled tuning, Silent Sports has the tools, lube, and equipment you need to keep your ride spinning with minimal downtime due to bicycle maintenance, upgrades, or repairs.

Bike Accessories

Bike accessories for mountain, street, and road riders


Ride safe and customized with our full line of bike accessories!

Every bike (or rider for that matter) eventually wants or needs some accessories to snaz up their bike, personalize it, or make their ride easier. Silent Sports carries a full line of quality bicycle accessories that fit just about any make or model created. Training for a competition or just burning some calories is easy as ever when using any of our quality indoor bike trainers. From fenders to footwear, helmets, or frame protection, we've got you covered!