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Flying Fish 4'6" Fusion 1300


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The compact shape, flat rocker, and high volume of the Flying Fish boards make them ideal for paddle-in (prone) foil surfing, pumping out to the next wave, and laying hard carves. Offset front foot and full center line foot strap inserts make this board the choice for our advanced Wingsurf riders, strapped tow-surfers and anyone taking it to the air.
4'2" = 30L
4'6" = 35L
5'0" = 40L

High volume design is ideal for catching waves with ease
Compact board lengths range from beginner 5’0 (40L) to intermediate 4’6 (35L) and expert 4’2 (30L) - accommodating all skill levels
Chined rails allow for a quicker release off the water and up onto foil, and provide additional clearance when banking turns
Ramp tail provides additional “push” for prone paddlers when catching waves
Elongated EVA deck pad gives foil surfers freedom when it comes to stance location, and eliminates the need for wax
Inserts for foot-straps allow you the freedom to explore your every foiling desire - from airs, to winging, increased pump-ability and more

X Series™ wings from Cabrinha - The design of the X Series™ recognizes and exploits the most important features needed in all hydrofoiling genres. Lift, efficiency and control are the three pillars that drive the X Series’ high performance and buttery smooth ride.

Through a combination of outlines and wing profiles the X series delivers a smooth lift and stable flight with precise turning and control.

The X Series’ efficiency is enhanced by our all new Cab Fusion mast and fuselage ecosystem. The Cab Fusion is a redesign from the bottom up to remove any unwanted ‘play’ in the system while streaming the connection between the wings and the fuselage. The resulting increase in stiffness and reduction in drag puts the X Series wings into an all new class of hydrofoils.

Kit Includes:
-X Series 1300 Front Wing
-Fusion Alloy 70cm Mast with Helicoil
-X Series Rear Stabilizer 220
-Fusion Hybrid Rear Fuselage 346
-Fusion Hybrid Socket Plate Mount
-Torx Tool

Great for:

Wing Foiling / Surf Foiling

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