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2018 Nobile Infinity Foil Free


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Foil Wing:

  • 2018 Nobile Infinity Split Foil Kiteboard
  • 2018 Nobile Infinity Split Foil Kiteboard
  • 2018 Nobile Foil Freeride Zen
  • 2018 Nobile Foil Freeride Zen
  • 2018 Nobile Foil Freeride Zen
  • Check in bag for split boards
Back by popular demand, the Infinity Split Foil board is your ultimate travel companion. The split board has be redesigned for 2018 with their latest generation of split technology. This update makes the split stiffer and stronger. This board absolutely shreds as a strapless surfboard and will get you out in the lightest winds when used as a foil board. With this package you can travel with fewer kites and you won't ever have to pay oversized fees! This package comes with the Nobile Check-in bag which will fit the board, the foil and a couple of kites.

The Nobile Zen foil is very easy to use. It can be configured with the Allround wing for the easiest and earliest foiling or the Freeride or Race wing if you are looking for higher speeds. The Nobile Foil packs down into a nice foil bag. This foil is incredibly easy to learn on. Don't forget to get a set of short masts, these are as good as taking a personal lesson. The 40cm mast will teach anyone to foil while the 60cm will be a great second stage mast as well as a shallow water mast.

- Multifunctional board: hydrofoil / freeride.
- Directional shape for better maneuvers.
- Board can also let you practice freestyle tricks.
-Splits in two so you can travel with a standard check in bag.

Comes with board, foil, foil bag, fins, straps, and check-in bag.

Size (in): 5'2"


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