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Moses Foil Kit Tortuga 75 Alu



The Aluminum mast is not only a great choice for those who recognise value for money.

The profile and the shape of this mast are optimised to deliver high performance at low cost.

The 873 has tons of lift. Designed for endless glides, this wing will make you ride the open ocean sweel with no need of a breaking wave. The high efficency and its large outline will permit you to surf an knee high wave or even pump in flat water. Same dna of the 633, its adopts inverted gull wing shape and concave bottom, The large wingtip will squeeze the water while pumping and give you that extra drive to generate speed through your carves.

Pack content:

1x M75A - Aluminium Mast 75
1x MHW034 - Plate Adaptor Kite Alu
1x FS710A - Fuselage 710 Alu
1x W873 - Carbon Front Wing 873
1x S483 - Carbon Stabilizer 483
2x Flat Head Screws M8x40
2x Socket Head Screws M8x40 and washers
1x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x16
1x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x20
2 Flat Head Screws Torx M6x50
1x Flat Head Screws Torx M6x45


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