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Slingshot Dialer 145 + FWind

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The Hover Glide FWind V3 is the go-to setup for a seamless transition from windsurfing to wind foiling. Equipped with our Infinity 76 wing, the FWind package provides the versatility, range, performance and progression that backs our claim of calling this one of the best wind foil setups on the market. The Dialer’s traditional shape and longer nose makes it best in class for learning to foil. Eliminate uncertainty and gain confidence while you’re in the touch and go phase. Once you are foiling, the Dialer 145 will let you take your foil upwind, downwind and at all points of sail all while being balanced on your foil. And if the wind comes up, you can sail it like a freeride slalom board.Learn MorePackage Includes:DIALER 145 WINSURF FOIL BOARD, HOVERGLIDE FWIND V3 FOIL, 91cm (35”) MAST, PEDESTAL BASE, TUTTLE ADAPTER, SWITCH FUSELAGE, INFINITY 76cm FRONT WING, 42cm REAR WING, SHIM,FOIL WING NEOPRENE COVERS, FOIL TRAVEL CASE, ALL MOUNTING HARDWARE *FOOT STRAPS SOLD SEPARATELY


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