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Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe 2.0

Ocean Rodeo

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The Ocean Rodeo Go Joe is an inflatable board recovery aid for kiteboarding. It’s not hard to lose your board when kiteboarding, especially when first learning. The normal thing to do when you are separated from your board is to body drag back to it. That’s cool and you should know how to body drag, but as a beginner you can lose your board a lot and spending most of your session drinking water as you get pulled back to your board gets old fast

SKU# KA2051

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10 star safety, 21st Aug 2014

Reviewer: Denys CKSS

This is the safest and the fastest board retrieval tool on the market. Every beginner must have . Great way to save time on body dragging especially in a deep cold water. Also keeps your board visual. Just park your kite and wait for the board to float downwind of you.

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