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2018 Nobile NHP Carbon 134x41


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NHP Carbon is quite simply one of the best boards available on the market which performs exceptionally well in all conditions and riding styles - whether freestyle or freeride. Thanks to the use of carbon we have achieved low weight as well as even better traction and board control. Every minor impulse transfers into the board and triggers an immediate reaction. The NHP Carbon pops perfectly, and controls the edge during carves precisely. It's a reliable board for years. The construction is a combination of Elliptical Concave - which gives freedom of maneuvers and great upwind performance - and Double Concave Tips Channels which, together with Pre-Stress technology, guarantees perfect riding track, solid jumps and perfect landings. The specially designed Hydrodynamic Rocker offers massive pop and take-off during jumps and the Rocker, combined with a properly suited flex, ensures exceptional comfort. The unique attributes of this board have been possible due to the patented Pre-Stress technology which makes the most out of the wood and carbon fibers, delivering a unique board. Pre-Stress maintains energy within the board which, combined with perfectly chosen flex engineering, ensures low weight, responsiveness and exceptionally smooth landings.

- Carbon fabrics combined with APS technology make the board more reactive and dynamic
- Minimal board weight makes each task on the water easier
- Generous Rocker guarantees comfort in chop and exceptional board agility
- Asymmetric outline ensures great upwind and carving performance while riding switch
- Elliptical Concave allows you to plane quickly and ride smoothly
- Double Concave channels guarantee perfect traction and upwind performance

Comes with IFS PRO Footstraps

Size (cm): 134x41 | 138x43


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