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2019 Nobile NHP Split 138x43cm



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There are many fantastic kiteboards, but only the Nobile Splitboard line lets you enjoy the freedom of travelling with a board wherever you want - whether by car, train or motorcycle. You just fold the board in two and pack it into the special Nobile bag. That's all. The board doesn't lose any of its properties when compared to classic kiteboard construction. This year we introduced the fourth generation of our W-Connection patented solution. The improved connection has been redesigned from scratch. Its shape has been changed completely, resulting in better distribution of the force. Furthermore, a new shape allows precise connecting and comfortable disconnecting the board. Some of the connection's constructional elements have been reduced, while others have been replaced with durable composite. This has resulted in reduced weight, improved stiffness and durability at the connection points, as well as retaining the natural properties of the board, so the connection won't impact comfort during the ride. The shape and construction are the combination of Elliptical Concave, which gives you the maneuverability and great upwind performance, and Double Concave Tips Channels. In addition, we have introduced high channels at the fins, which makes the board more stable, curves better against the wind and it's ready to go with shorter fins. Owing to these technologies, we have achieved the perfect riding track, with confidence during jumps and perfection when landing. The specially designed Hydrodynamic Rocker guarantees massive pop and lift-off during jumps. The rocker combined with a properly suited flex ensures high comfort. Let us remind you: NHP Split is the only split board that can be folded in two and put into one of Nobile's travel bags. It facilitates transporting boards, most of all in airlines, because YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ANY EXTRA FEES FOR TRANSPORTING SPORTS GOODS!

- Additionally higher channels on tips, owing to which the ride is stable, the board curves better and you can ride with shorter fins.
- Fourth-generation W-Connection - new shape and new internal structure increases the durability of connection and improves the comfort during the ride.
- Generous rocker guarantees comfort on chop and exceptional board agility.
- Top-quality glass fibers pressed in APS technology, combined with the wooden core, guarantee incredible pop and endurance.
- Asymmetric outline ensures great upwind and carving performance while riding switch.
- Elliptical concave allows you to plane quickly and ride smoothly.
- Double Concave channels guarantee perfect traction and perfect upwind performance.

All 2019 NHP Boards come with NOBILE CLICK&GO IFS GEN 2 BLACK

The IFS GEN2 Footpads and straps are easy to adjust with the new ratchet system, you can even adjust them on the water. These pads are super light, ergonomic, easy to adjust and super comfortable.

Size (cm): 134x41 | 138x43


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