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2020 Shinn Slicer 140x43cm


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A first for Shinn the Slicer is a complete re-invention of the split board concept. Our goal to produce a split board that’s performance, quality and style are worthy to carry the Shinn name in a package that’s easy and convenient to travel with.

Our innovative 3-piece split features both board and PU connector all engineered to fit seamlessly together in a way that’s secure and strong yet at the same time doesn’t inhibit the boards flex profile. Traditional split designs produce double or even triple laminate layers through the connection area making smooth and consistent flex control next to impossible. The unique Shinn S connection reduces the dangerous perpendicular stresses that heavy landings incur and allows a rail to rail aligned connector pin –a critical feature allowing the board to flex aroundthe retention pin rather than trying to bend it as a tip to tip alignment would encourage.

Suitable for riders from intermediate and even up to advanced freerider the Slicer is the seamless blend of practicality, performance and technology.


Next Generation Split board

X-over/ Enduro Performance

Perfect Solution for Travellers


Full Paulownia Wood Core

Full PU Split Connection


Double Stepped Tips

ConstantCurve Rocker

Progressive Concave


BITE Hi-performance Fins
HMT Bindings

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