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2019 Cabrinha Drifter 11m C3


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The Cabrinha Drifter is the world's leading kite for use in waves, but it is not just a wave kite. It has the slack-line stability that you want when riding towards your kite on a wave as well as the responsive turning speeds necessary to help rip apart a wave face top to bottom. If you happen to drop the kite in the worst spot possible, don't worry because it has fantastic relaunch capability. The Drifter has a moderate and easy power delivery making it easy to use when riding strapless on a surfboard.

However, the Drifter is not just a wave kite, unlike some other kites in the category. The two minute process of changing the bridle to the "Offshore" setting allows the kite to fly further forward in the wind window and transforms it into an excellent twin tip kite with great upwind and jumping capabilities. The power delivery is steady and predictable, and combined with its excellent relaunch makes the Drifter a confidence inspiring kite for anyone from rank beginner to pro.

The characteristics that make the Drifter great in waves help tremendously when foiling. The steady power and depower allows foilboarders to readily adjust their riding speed rather than allowing the kite to make the decision for them. The kite's ability to respond to steering inputs, even when de-powered or drifting, make it perfect for foil boarding


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