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2020 Cabrinha AV8 11m


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The AV8 is designed for riders looking for an exceedingly efficient kite to foil with while also offering the attributes of a boost & hang time machine. The AV8 kite is a highly efficient 5 strut power source that can facilitate an incredibly high VMG (Velocity Made Good). Its lean profiles and optimized AR deliver the highest level of performance in a light weight inflatable structure.

The AV8 flies upwind with speed and an incredibly rigid frame. When riding off the wind, the AV8’s power delivery is full and stable. The AV8's flat arc shape makes it ideal for huge lofty jumps combined with silky smooth landings.


5-Strut, hybrid light weight efficient design, fast aerodynamic profile.


High tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability
Ultimate performance in the widest range of conditions and variety of riding styles
Smooth power delivery
Predictable handling with superior stability and range
Large sweet spot
Great upwind performance
Ridiculously high hang times
Distinctly agile and light precision steering
Easy relaunch
Stability in high wind conditions
Powerful and efficient


Customer Reviews

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Kite comparison, 24th Apr 2019

Reviewer: Peter A.

This review is a direct comparison of the Cabrinha Av8 14 m and the Naish Boxer 14 m. It is also a review of the 11 m AV8 and the Naish Pivot 10 m.

The AV8 feels very much like a rebirth of the Velocity, a kite I love. I have been told that it is identical to the 2016 Velocity, but I have not ridden the 2016 as I preferred the 2014 over the 2015. I think the AV8 has more bar pressure than the velocity did, and I would put it in the category of medium to heavy bar pressure. I think that may be why it also feels like it has more low end grunt than the velocity. In my view, the velocity was only fun when lit, and I never expected it to be the first one out in light winds. The 18 m velocity was the exception to this observation, it was the only one though.

The heavy bar pressure gives the kite a very direct feel, and in that sense it feels very different from the Pivot and Boxer. Both Naish kites feel like the bar is ‘wobbly’ or loose. That’s due to the lower bar pressure, but that looseness doesn’t translate into less kite control for the Naish’s, because they turn faster. As far as the bar feeling goes, I prefer the Naish very slightly to the AV8 and the AV8 feels a bit heavy when in not too heavy wind. But when the wind picks up the bar pressure goes away because you are sheeted out more.

But that’s where the Naish advantage ends. The Pivot especially has a very limited range. I hate to say it but I felt it was around 4 knots range. You can certainly ride the Pivot 10 in much higher winds as Kevin Langeree has proven, but for me it just wasn’t fun. The AV8 on the other hand comes to life in bigger wind. I think the range is double or more. When the Pivot is in 20 kts (a 10 m kite!!) it starts to feel like it is always pulling and cant be depowered. It requires constant large adjustments of sheet to accommodate even medium gusty wind, and so you never feel like you are ready to line up your next great jump. The AV8 always feels ready and its like a race hors

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