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2021 Airush One V1 8m


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Airush - ONE
Plug & play ease of use.
Instant depower, large wind range & easy relaunch.
Single strut design for gusty or lighter winds.

Introducing the latest kite in the Progression range, and a revolutionary school kite, the One Progression is the lightest kite in the Progression range. Designed to maintain the bombproof capabilities of a school kite, but open up the wind range without sacrificing the easy relaunch abilities. The incredible ease of use and lightweight components allow for fast and safe progression.

3 4 6 8 9 10 12 14 17m

COLOR: Teal & Lime.

Unhooked: 25%
Hooked: 100%
Wave: 50%
Foil: 75%
Progression 100%

D4 HD Cloth - stronger canopy.
Single strut design to reduce weight.
Extra perimeter reinforcing for use in schools.

Customer Reviews

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2021 Airush one V1, 26th Apr 2023

Reviewer: Mark Kubany

awesome! Simple to rig and ride, lighter bar pressure and surprising wind range. I own a lot of different kites that i paid a much higher price for and the One V1 has basically replaced them all, for surfing, twintip & foiling. Not to say they are better than other kites for specific categories but covers all the bases really well! and makes for a simple choice when grabbing your gear and running for the beach, love them!

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