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2021 JP Fusion 10'2" x 32" IPR

JP Australia

$2,199.99 $1,999.99 $200.00

The JP Fusion is wildly popular amongnst SUP enthusiasts world wide. The JP Fusion has garnered this following through its extreme versatility and performance. It works as well for casual flatwater cruising as it does for slashing apart a wave. The reason for the Fusion's versatility comes from two features. Firstly, the performance shortboard shape makes it work really well in the surf. Secondly, there is a huge amount of volume sneakily packed into each board. The unique stepped rail shape allows for very sharp rails to bite into a wave face while the middle of the board is very flat and thick, creating lots of volume and stability. Each Fusion SUP shape manages to put the perfect amount of width in the mid section of the board for stability, yet tapers quickly towards the nose and tail making for very nimble handling on a wave. The extra width actually enhances the turnability of the board by rounding the outline more than if it were a few inches narrower. The Fusion boards are excellent for Ontario paddlers that want a board that will surf and paddle as well on the lakes at home as it does on the ocean.

Just like every SUP from JP-Australia (except the Race Boards), the Fusion has an attachment for a windsurfing sail. Many of our windsurfing customers have bought the Fusion as their paddleboard for the no-wind days and have been shocked by how much they end up windsurfing it. It excels in all wind conditions and really comes alive if you decide to windsurf it in the waves. The larger sizes are excellent begginer windsurfing boards too because of their stability.


Length: 10'2"
Width: 32"
Volume: 170L
Weight: 24lbs

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