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Compact Deluxe SUP Carrier

SUP Wheels a SUPcarrier for when you want your workout to be on the water not getting to the water. SUP Wheels Board and Kayak carrier will carry the majority of the weight of your board. There is little to no issue with wind, as the board lies flat on this SUP carrier and not sideways against your body like a sail.

Whether you are rolling on a hard surface or soft sand you will get to the water easier and faster with SUP Wheels SUP carrier. You can remove the wheels easily and take them with you on your board. No need to leave them on the beach.

This quality carrier DOES NOT use a suction cup to hold it to the board which could cause de-lamination of your board.

The Evolution carrier model - comes with strap handle. This flexible unit can be used to carry your board while you walk or bike. Relieves the burden of carrying your board, paddle, gear and freeing a hand too.

The unit is engineered with marine grade aluminum axel and never go flat tires.
We also enhance your comfort with a unique rubber handle that covers the nylon strap handle.

Made with in the USA with materials to stand up to salt water.


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