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Tahe Paddle Beach Adj. 170-210



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The BEACH 170-210cm Lever-Lock adjustable SUP paddle is a value priced paddle with a premium adjustment system. Ideal for paddlers from 5’2”/1.60m to 6’4”/1.95m in height, yet still functional beyond this range as well. The Lever-Lock adjustment system keeps the shaft free of any bulky mechanisms by placing the adjustment mechanism in the T-Handle. An elegant system typically reserved for more expensive paddles.

Beach paddles are optimized for durability and ease of use for recreational paddlers looking for reliability and value. They’re simple, strong and ideall suited to club, rental and family use. Made with precision aluminum shafts and reinforced nylon blades.

The modern blade shape features a dihedral face for smooth paddling at all levels of power output.

Shaft Material: Aluminium
Paddle Grip: Leverlock ABS T-Grip
Shaft Type: Round
Adjusting system: Leverlock
Paddle Weight: 1.90 lbs / 870 gr
Blade width: 7" / 176 mm
Paddle Material: ALuminium - Polycarbonate
Shaft length: 67" - 83" / 170 cm - 210 cm
Blade material: Fibrylon
Blade angle: 2.7°
Blade Area: 80 in² / 505 cm²
Blade length: 18.25" / 465 mm

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