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2017 NP Surf Serene 5/4 FZ 4

Neil Pryde

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Normally women get the short end of the stick when it comes to wetsuit technology, but NP Surf has changed that with the 2017 NP Surf Serene. The 2017 Serene Front Zip now has all of the same technologies as the Combat.

The Serene uses Armour Skin neoprene to fight wind-chill and repel water better than anything you have ever experienced. Armour Skin is a smooth-skin neoprene that is more durable than any other neoprene on the market. The Serene uses this in almost all panels of the wetsuit with the exception of a couple of strategic panels in the underarm area where Apex-Plus will help enhance flexibility.

The features do not stop with the Armour Skin, the Serene also features double wrist-cuffs. Double wrist-cuffs will create a waterproof seal when you are wearing gloves in cold water. Thanks to the use of Griplock, a silicone coating on the ankles, you will not find any water coming in through your legs when being used with booties.

The inside of the Serene is lined with NP Surf?s proprietary Fireline system. Fireline is lightweight, quick-drying, and super warm liner made from polypropylene. The chest, back, and thighs are lined with Fireline whilst the rest of the suit is lined with Bamboo Charcoal for its anti-odour, anti-bacterial, and energizing properties.

The ankles of the Serene wetsuit have Aquavents to prevent water from collecting and ballooning. They also have removable cinch-straps for to prevent water entry. All seams on the Serene are glued and blind-stitched for a water-tight seam and then they are taped with P-Skin tape for maximum protection from water entry and for maximum comfort.

The Serene is only available with these amazing features when it is a 5/4/3 in Front-Zip configuration.


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