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In this category, you will find all of our wind related articles. Wind powers most of our favourite sports, whether on the water or on the snow. We will be covering anything from new gear, to sharing our latest experiences, to tips and how-to videos.

Check out our articles about kiting, from twin tips to foils, travel and snow kiting. We share our passion about all the aspects of these sports. Whether it’s the latest gear, or just some helpful tips on how to make your kite session easier and safer, we want to share everything we know about this awesome sport.

Windsurfing has been at the core of our business from the very start. We’ll talk about anything from windsurfing on a paddle board, to racing at the local club, riding lake surf or foiling in the all conditions.

Wing sports are emerging as great cross-overs for all wind sports enthusiasts. Wings offer a new way of using wind to power various crafts on water and land. We will cover as much as possible about this new sport, from how-to videos, tips and trick, and riding videos showing the potential wings have to offer.

How To Wing Surf on the Snow in 5 Minutes

Wing Surfing On The Snow is Actually Easier Than You Think! Today we wanted to show everyone how e ...
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By Rob
  02/05/2021 at 20:49 pm

Fireside Chat: Why we wing

Our first Fireside Chat with Rob and Max. Today we discuss why we like to wing, what makes this new sport so appealing? And ...
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By Rob
  01/19/2021 at 16:27 pm