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Neil Pryde FLX 40 RDM 430 Mast

Neil Pryde

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The Neil Pryde mast range is based around three performance levels: FLX40, FLX70 and FLX100. Higher performance level masts will have higher carbon content reducing the weight of the mast as well as significantly increasing reflex and overall performance.

It is all but imperative to use a Neil Pryde mast with a Neil Pryde sail and vice versa. Every Neil Pryde sail will perform to its highest potential when used with the specified Neil Pryde mast because our sails are designed around our mast curves.

The NeilPryde RDM masts are compatible in curve with NeilPryde SDM masts. Choose an RDM mast for a softer, more forgiving feel and durability and a SDM mast for a faster response, stability and more direct feel. A SDM mast must be used on all sails with Cams.

A lot goes into making a Neil Pryde mast. A precision engineered, computer controlled machine, filament wound technology where each individual yarn application is controlled by a computer program. Each mast size has a custom layup of composite yarns where each individual layer is applied at a unique angle to the mandrel to match the bend characteristics, loads and load angles each section will be subject to. Upper sections of the masts are subject to flex and torque loads and filament wound technology allows precision matching of load bearing yarns with the actual load angles the mast is subject to. Based on the proven technology from the RS:X Olympic program where durability, reliability and performance go hand in hand, the new FLX series are tough, strong and fast.

Neil Pryde offers a twenty-four month warranty on all masts from the date of purchase by the original retail customer. A warranty extension of twelve months, giving a total of thirty-six months, may be obtained by registering your product online within thirty days of purchase. This warranty is solely for the benefit of the original retail purchaser and may not be assigned.


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