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Goya Nexus B Sail Package 4.9m


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The Goya Nexus B Sail Package was designed by Goya for Silent Sports. It matches the Goya Nexus, a performance no-cam freeride sail with the Goya 70% carbon RDM mast, Goya Carbon Boom, Goya Aluminum Extension, and a Goya Euro-Pin Universal Joint.

We chose this package to be our ultimate freeride package so that our customers have an easy way to get on the water without having to put together a package piece by piece. You will have an easy to rig, easy to use, and fun to ride package that gets you on the water faster than just about anything else available.

Sail Size: 4.9M
Mast: 400cm 70% Carbon
Boom Length: 140cm-190cm
Extension: Aluminum RDM 0cm -32cm
Base: Pro Universal Euro Pin

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