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JP Universal Nose Protector

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JP - Nose Protector
Building boards always means to find a compromise between durability and lightness.
Our philosophy is to build JP boards
as strong as necessary to survive tough and committed sailing in their typical range of use and
as light as possible for great light wind performance, as well as a lively and exciting ride.
We use a mix of high tech materials to reinforce our boards in specific stress areas. The nose area of a board is specially protected by additional reinforcements but still the boards do not survive a major impact caused by a catapult.

To enable each customer, to decide for himself to get more performance out of his board or to have the best possible protection of the nose area, we developed a nose protector for each specific shape in the JP-Australia board line. As these protectors are aligned to each model, they fit perfect and provide the best possible protection.

This way the sailor can choose his options:
Good, performance oriented sailors want their boards as light as possible. They want to get rid of any extra weight. Due to their sailing (they don't have un-controlled wipe-outs or catapults anymore) they do not need any special reinforcements in the nose area. So, they go with the board as it comes.

For less experienced sailors we recommend the use of a nose protector. It covers the rail and all areas mostly endangered by impacts, making this section incredibly durable and impact resistant. The nose area remains un-effected by hits from the mast or the boom. And when fixed with silicon (the standard procedure) the sailor has the option to remove it, once he feels like not needing it anymore.

JP-Australia recommends the use of a nose protector for novices and those, who want to protect their board's nose.

Colour may vary.

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