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2017 Neil Pryde V8 8.7 C2

Neil Pryde

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For 2017 a legend has returned, the Neil Pryde V8. The V8 is all about power, lots and lots of power. The V8 takes much of its design from the EVO 8 Racing sails and puts that design into a more affordable and user-friendly package.

Whether you are windsurfing on a longboard, a Formula board, Slalom Race board, or a low volume free-ride board, power is what you want and the V8 will deliver. What makes the V8 different than other powerful sails is that it will jibe more easily and be way more fun.

The performance of the V8 comes from its trademark deep luff profile supported by two Integra-Cams. The race-derived clew allows windsurfers to choose between two boom lengths as well as tune the sail to either low-end power or top-end speed.

Whether you have a need for speed, or you just want to get moving in lightwind the V8 will be a welcome addition to any windsurfer's quiver.

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Weight
6.2 434 187-192 4 7 2 430 Fixed Head 4.69kg
6.7 454 193-198 24 7 2 430 Fixed Head 4.94kg
7.2 472 199-204 12 7 2 460 Fixed Head 5.11kg
7.7 490 205-210 30/0 7 2 460/490 Fixed Head 5.38kg
8.2 507 210-215 18 7 2 490 Fixed Head 5.55kg
8.7 524 215-220 34/4 7 2 490/520 Fixed Head 5.44kg
9.4 542 221-226 22/52 7 2 520-490 Fixed Head 5.99kg

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