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2018 Neil Pryde Fusion 5.0m

Neil Pryde

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The 2018 Neil Pryde Fusion has been redesigned to make it more high-performance for flat water blasting. It now has a higher aspect ratio allowing for more speed and maneuverability. Everthing that has made the Fusion a favourite amongst windsurfers has been amplified.

The Fusion is the sail of choice for windsurfers that want a sail that'll do what they want to do and go where they want to go. This is one of those rare sails that works for beginners and advanced windsurfers and will work for everyhing from freeriding, to freestyle, to waves.

One of the best parts of this sail is that the whole range can rig on a 430cm mast and the Neil Pryde XA 165cm boom.

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Weight
4.5 403 162 4/2 5 0 400/430 Vario Top 3.44kg
5.0 419 173 20/2 5 0 400/430 Vario Top 3.64kg
5.5 433 183 34/4 5 0 400/430 Fixed Head 3.77kg
6.0 444 191 14 5 0 430 Fixed Head 3.97kg
6.5 459 199 30 5 0 430 Fixed Head 4.15kg


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