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2018 Neil Pryde Ryde HD 7.5m

Neil Pryde

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The 2018 Neil Pryde Ryde continues to deliver unparalleled performance and value. The Ryde is built to be the ultimate free ride windsurfing sail, which means it hops on to a plane quickly, jibes easily, has a great wind range, and has an easy feeling in the hands. The Ryde is cam-less for easy riding, easy jibing, and easy rigging. The Ryde pairs perfectly with the JP Magic Ride or similar modern Freeride boards. The Ryde is designed to make it easy to build a quiver of sails To that end all sails in the range can be rigged on a 430cm mast and the XA 165 Boom. The Ryde is an excellent sail for free-riding on a foilboard.

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Weight(HD)
5.5 416 178 16/2 6 0 400/430 Vario Top 3.92kg
6.0 432 184 2/32 6 0 430/400 Fixed Head 4.05kg
6.5 452 190 22 6 0 430 Fixed Head 4.23kg
7.0 464 199 34/4 6 0 430/460 Fixed Head 4.42kg
7.5 476 208 16/46 6 0 460/430 Fixed Head 4.59kg


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