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2019 Neil Pryde V8 9.4 C1

Neil Pryde

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The 2019 Neil Pryde V8 continues the legacy of massive amounts of power through the entire wind range. The V8 is built using technology from the EVO racing program and puts it into a lighter and more user-friendly package. The Integra Cams make for an easy-rigging sail as well as a sail that is easy to rotate through jibes. The performance of this sail makes it perfect for boards like the JP Super Sport, Super Ride, or the JP Super Lightwind. The V8 is also excellent for use with wind foils.

Ideal Mast: 520cm or 490cm
Luff Length: 542cm
Boom Length: 221cm to 226cm
Base Length: 34cm to 4cm
Weight: 5.63kg
Battens: 7
Cams: 2
Top Finishing: Fixed Head

SKU# SN19V891

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