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2019 Sailworks Retro 8.5m Red


$999.00 $799.99 $199.01

Our flagship camless freeride sail. Intuitively simple to rig and tune, with dependable low-end power, rock solid stability, impeccable handling and control. The Retro is known and coveted for its premium function and performance offering solid, lasting equipment value.
The Retro is a proven and refined slalom sail for flat water and bump/jump windsurfing, with a bias to stability for power and speed. It delivers a wide, rideable wind range that gets you planning early, yet stays light and manageable in its top end.

Copious low-end power couple with good rig stability to get you planing early and keep you in control longer.

Recommended mast: Joystick 490cm / Lightstick 490cm
Alternate mast: N/A
Luff length: 509 cm
Boom length: 220 cm
Battens: 7


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