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2020 Neil Prde Atlas HD 4.6m

Neil Pryde


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The 2020 Neil Pryde Atas HD gives windsurfers loads of power in waves and bump and jump conditions. It's a powerful and stable sail that's ready to power you upwind through waves but still depower for nice bottom turns. Because of the stable and powerful shape of the sail, the Atlas is fantastic for flatwater bump and jump. The HD construction will help ensure that you don't fall through the window during a high speed crash or if you wipeout on a wave in the impact zone.

Like almost all of the Neil Pryde sails, the Atlas is excellent for windsurfers that want a sail that will crossover to Wind-Foiling as well.

Size Luff Boom Base Weight(KG) Battens Cams Recommended Mast

4.2m 378cm 159cm 8cm 3.2 5 0 RDM 370

4.6m 395cm 165cm 26cm 3.3 5 0 RDM 370

5.0m 412cm 172cm 12cm 3.5 5 0 RDM 400

5.4m 426cm 177cm 26cm 3.67 5 0 RDM 400

5.8m 441cm 183cm 12cm 3.8 5 0 RDM 400

6.2m 455cm 189cm 26cm 3.96 5 0 RDM 430


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