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2020 Neil Pryde Wizard 3.8m

Neil Pryde


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The 2020 Neil Pryde Wizard is the go-to updated with Neil Pryde's exclusive Pro and HD construction. The Pro construction keeps the sail light, crisp, and responsive. The HD construction keeps the sail durable. Combined, you have a lightweight and maneuverable sail that's durable enough to withstand the crashes that come with learning new freestyle maneuvers.

What has stayed the same is the Wizard's power, stability, and lift. The Wizard is a Freestyle machine, however it's not just Freestyle windsurfers that benefit from these characteristics, foilers love this sail too. The sail shape produces huge amounts of power, which means you can usually ride a 0.5m smaller sail than you normally would and wind-foilers love that because it makes it easier to pump the board onto the foil.

Size Luff Boom Base Weight(KG) Battens Cams Recommended Mast

3.8m 370cm 141cm 30cm 2.69 4 0 RDM 340

4.2m 384cm 145cm 14cm 2.81 4 0 RDM 370

4.5m 398cm 150cm 28cm 2.94 4 0 RDM 370

4.8m 414cm 155cm 14cm 3.04 4 0 RDM 400

5.1m 428cm 160cm 28cm 3.16 4 0 RDM 400

5.4m 436cm 169cm 6cm 3.24 4 0 RDM 430

5.7m 448cm 172cm 18cm 3.38 4 0 RDM 430


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