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2023 Neilpryde Speedster 6.2 8

Neil Pryde


The 2023 Neil Pryde Speedster is here. The Speedster shares much of its design DNA with the legendary V8 whilst remaining camless to keep the sail lightweight and easy to rig. The Speedster is one of the best sails available for blasting past your friends on the water but remains light enough to hit a ramp and to still pull a sweet jibe.

Slalom racing speed without the cams. Since its inception Speedster has always been a favourite no-cam, high performance freeride sail all around the world. It’s outline is based on our RS:Racing slalom sails and it features medium-strong luff curve for stability and maximum wind range.

Easier to rig, waterstart and jibe than a pure slalom sail but almost as fast, you will leave your friends in their tracks.

The lightweight power of the Speedster makes this sail excellent for crossing over with a foilboard.

Size Luff Boom Base Weight(KG) Battens Cams Recommended Mast

5.2m 399cm 170/176 30/0cm 3.9 7 0 RDM 370/400

5.7m 415cm 179/185 16cm 4.09 7 0 RDM 400

6.2m 432cm 187/193 2/32cm 4.27 7 0 RDM 430/400

6.7m 449cm 194/200 20cm 4.44 7 0 RDM 430

7.2m 467cm 200/206 8cm 4.64 7 0 SDM 460

7.7m 485cm 205/211 26cm 4.78 7 0 SDM 460

8.2m 503cm 210/216 14cm 4.96 7 0 SDM490

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