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Neil Pryde Combat Pro 3.7 C1

Neil Pryde


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The legendary Combat stands out as the sail of choice for any wave sailing conditions. No matter which spot, from side-offshore winds and perfect peeling waves, to huge onshore white waters, the Combat will never disappoint. Designed for dynamic and adventure-seeking sailors, the Combat delivers low-end power when you need it.

Light, stable and strong - the Combat is equipped to deal with whatever, whenever, and whoever.

The Neil Pryde Combat's light and balanced handling make it well-suited for foiling as well. It's an easy choice for windsurfers that want to have a smaller-sized sail for windfoiling or in larger sizes that will cross-over nicely to use with a fin.

Buy the Combat in Pro Construction for the ultimate in lightweight performance.

Size Luff Boom Base Weight(KG) Battens Cams Recommended Mast

3.0m 332cm 137cm 0cm TBC 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

3.3m 346cm 142cm 6cm 2.66 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

3.7m 359cm 148cm 20cm 2.77 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

4.0m 368cm 153cm 28cm 2.83 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

4.2m 375cm 157cm 6cm 2.9 4 0 RDM 370

4.5m 385cm 160cm 16cm 2.97 4 0 RDM 370

4.7m 395cm 164cm 26cm 3.08 4 0 RDM 370

5.0m 408cm 168cm 8cm 3.17 4 0 RDM 400

5.3m 420cm 172cm 20cm 3.3 4 0 RDM 400

5.6m 432cm 176cm 32/2 3.4 4 0 RDM 430 / 400

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