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Neil Pryde Combat Pro HD 3.3m

Neil Pryde


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The 2020 Neil Pryde Combat is available in the exclusive Pro HD construction. This means that Combat, known for its incredible versatility in all wave conditions is now available in Neil Pryde's strongest and lightest weight construction.
The Combat is the wave sail against which all other wave sails are measured. This is because of its well-balanced, easy handling, and reliable nature. The Combat is not limited to only being used in waves. It has the power to be used for bump & jump freeride windsurfing as well.

The Neil Pryde Combat's light and balanced handling make it well-suited for foiling as well. It's an easy choice for windsurfers that want to have a smaller-sized sail for windfoiling or in larger sizes that will cross-over nicely to use with a fin.

Size Luff Boom Base Weight(KG) Battens Cams Recommended Mast

3.0m 332cm 137cm 0cm TBC 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

3.3m 346cm 142cm 6cm 2.66 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

3.7m 359cm 148cm 20cm 2.77 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

4.0m 368cm 153cm 28cm 2.83 4 0 RDM 340 / 370

4.2m 375cm 157cm 6cm 2.9 4 0 RDM 370

4.5m 385cm 160cm 16cm 2.97 4 0 RDM 370

4.7m 395cm 164cm 26cm 3.08 4 0 RDM 370

5.0m 408cm 168cm 8cm 3.17 4 0 RDM 400

5.3m 420cm 172cm 20cm 3.3 4 0 RDM 400

5.6m 432cm 176cm 32/2 3.4 4 0 RDM 430 / 400


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