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2019 JP Magic Ride 130 ES

JP Australia

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JP-Australia's Magic Ride family keeps growing and is now better than ever. The Magic Ride is a completely modern free-ride windsurfing board that makes your sessions on the water as easy and exciting as possible.

The Magic comes from the short, wide, and thin design. This combination results in boards that are stable, easy to plane, easy to jibe, as well as having an amazing range and great feel. The thin rails and the thin tail make the boards jibe better than nearly any other board on the market.

Whether it's your first time on a windsurfing board without a centerboard or you're a true weekend warrior that wants to get most performance possible out of a session, the Magic Ride is perfect. Many boards have great potential performance, but what makes the Magic Ride special is that any rider can immediately tap into the amazing performance of the Magic Ride.

Epoxy Sandwich Construction is one of the most durable constructions in windsurfing. It also offers a very soft and smooth ride. This is the best choice for families, rentals, clubs, or any other situation where there will be lots of users.


Volume Length Width Weight (Pro FWS ES) Fin Size Sail Range

97 L 240cm 97cm 14.3lbs - 15.0lbs - 16.5lbs 32cm Power Box 4.0m - 7.0m

103 L 240cm 68.5cm 14.8lbs - 15.7lbs - 17.0lbs 36cm Power Box 4.7m - 7.5m

112 L 240cm 72cm 15.9lbs - 16.5lbs - 17.9lbs 38cm Power Box 5.0m - 8.0m

119 L 240cm 75cm 16.5lbs - 17.4lbs - 19.0lbs 40cm Power Box 5.5m - 8.5m

130 L 242cm 78cm 17.4lbs - 18.3lbs - 20.3lbs 44cm Power Box 5.7m - 9.0m

142 L 249cm 81cm 18.5lbs - 19.4lbs - 20.9lbs 48cm Power Box 6.0m or Larger

154 L 251cm 84cm 19.4lbs - 20.7lbs - 22.7lbs 52cm Power Box 6.2m or Larger


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