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Neil Pryde Fly 3.3m Blue

Neil Pryde

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Neil Pryde's long anticipated wing is here! The Fly has been years in development and it shows. This wing performs as well as it looks, along with new features that will make your winging experience easier and bring your performance levels to new heights. Whether the Fly is your first wing or the latests edition to your quiver, you're going to love this all-round performer.

High Lift Concept:
Every single size of the Wing has been optimized and adjusted to produce more lift, more thrust, and less drag than other wings of comparable size. This makes the Fly easier to handle, more comfortable and efficient to fly, and more convenient to transport. To achieve this, we have taken and adapted design elements from sailing, windsurfing, aircraft design and foil design.

Ergonomic Handles:
Rigid tubular handles with a proprietary base system add amazing roll control and comfort while providing the perfect structure to add a harness line. The curved front handle has a bumper under the EVA grip to protect you and your board from impact. The vertical section on the forward handle is ideal for flagging and waveriding due to improved roll control over conventional flagging handles. The handles are equidistant from the center of effort on each wingsize for effortless balanced flight. The larger wings feature longer handles to give the rider hand position options to maximize power or reduce fatigue.

Modified Delta Planform:
This creates a more efficient LE shape and an elliptical spanwise lift distribution for better upwind performance and control.

Dihedral Front Profile:
The dihedral angle allows higher aspect ratios due to increased wingtip clearance. It also makes the wing very roll stable, especially when flagging.

Low Drag Wingtips with Linear Washout:
The small LE diameter at the wingtips reduces drag and allows dynamic twist. This improves low end acceleration during pumping as well as control when powered up.

Vented Strut:
The large opening between the LE and the front of the fill panel (which connects the canopy to the strut) allows the pressure to equalize across the two sides of the wing. This improves overall performance and makes the wing even more stable.

Performance Driven Static Tension Distribution:
NP wings have a canopy tension distribution similar to a windsurf sail, with maximum tension forward that gradually relaxes towards the trailing edge. Once the wing is loaded, the result is a better flying shape with the camber staying locked forward and a clean trailing edge.

Independent LE and Strut Valves - the partition adds safety by having two independent air chambers. Increases the Leading Edge stiffness (the Strut cannot act as an expansion chamber for the leading edge) and allows the wing to be deflated more quickly. Anti-twist systems keep the bladders placed correctly at all times.

Includes a Wrist Leash and backpack.

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