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Slingshot Slingwing V3 3.0m B


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The Slingshot Slingwing V3 is here with fantastic evolution of the previous generation. The all-new SlingWing V3 to gives you significantly more power per meter. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag.

The previous generation of Slingwing was a smashing success and the new V3 is going to give you even more of what you loved with fantastic features like the new elongated handles. The bombproof construction is still there, the one-pump is still there, and the amazing performance you have come to expect from Slingshot is still there.

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Great wing with lots of grunt and great handling, 5th Aug 2023

Reviewer: Robert Pynaker

I have owned a 5.5m sling wing 3 since the fall of 2022 and it is one of my favorite wings. It has lots of power, great handling and goes straight upwind. Decided to order a 6.5 m for days when the wind is below 10 knots. I ordered it Thursday morning from Silent Sports and I received it on time for my Friday afternoon session. Great job Silent Sports. The wind was gusting out of the NW at 7 - 16 knots and so I got a chance on trying the complete wind range. I am 75 kg and I was able to get up on foil in 7 knots and the wing was still quite manageable at gusts over 16 knots besides its large size. Lots of torque, able to go sharply upwind at will,
handled and jibed perfectly.

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