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There is nothing quite like a "crispy" new kite in your quiver!Silent Sports is one of the largest kite dealers in the world, and because of this, is able to offer(what we feel) some of the best kiteboarding deals in the industry. We stock a full line of modern equipment and exhilarating kites from today's most prolific brands. Check out our enormous selection fromNorth,Flysurfer,Ozone,Cabrinha,Airush,Ocean Rodeo, andSlingshot!

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A good kite harness is the difference between an amazingly stoked session or a terrible, chaffing, and painful experience. A harness should fit snugly while offering proper support during extended sessions without rubbing, chaffing, or riding up or away from your waist. Many people do not realize that as a harness rides up they cause loss of controllable power as the bars "throw" actually decreases due to less range of movement . This can cause all kinds of issues with your riding style on top of the normal chaffing of a poorly fit harness.

Thankfully most of our staff are kiters and all of our kiting staff have been equipped with the knowledge and training to properly fit you with your perfect harness the first time. We carry a full line of awesome harnesses that hold tight to waists, grip hips, and provide superb control, handling, and range of power! Browse our fantastic harness and accessory lineup from brands like Ride Engine, Dakine, Mystic and more!

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A bar is the simple manner we use to connect ourselves to the unforgiving natural power of our sport!It provide precision control when we need boosting to the moon, while simultaneously providing security in the form of instant depower and a quick release of equipment during emergencies.

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Silent Sports carries a massive selection of kiteboards to satisfy our fanatical base of kiteboarding enthusiasts!We have been in the industry since it's beginning and understand that very rider has a unique style all their own.We also know that choosing a board can be a defining moment toward achieving the pinnacle of our performance. Our knowledgeable staff has thousands of hours of combined kiting experience and love to answer questions pertaining to board selection. Our house riders come from just about every background, and no matter what your style, one of them will likely have some insights to your needs. Our product lineup consists of heavy hitting brands like Nobile, Shinn, Cabrinha, Slingshot, Airush, Ocean Rodeo, Appletree, and more!

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Stoke your session this season with premium kitesurfing gear from Silent Sports! Choose from a fantastic selection of kites, kiteboards, harnesses, travel bags, kitesurfing accessories, and used gear. We carry industry leading kite brands like North, Flysurfer, Ozone, Cabrinha, Airush, Ocean Rodeo and Slingshot along with trainer and foil kites by HQ Kites! Looking to up your freeride, freestyle, park or wakestyle groove this season? Bump your quiver to the next level with some of the best kiteboards from Nobile, Shinn, Appletree, Cabrinha, Airush, North and Slingshot.

Kiteboarding is one of the most addictive and accessible extreme sports in the world! The rider population continues to swell at an ever quickening pace as kiting has become both easier and safer over 20 years of innovation. Kiteboarding, like many other board sports, has also matured into a multi-faceted sport that accentuates the styles of individual riders and diversified its disciplines into surf-style, wake-style, foiling, and more.

With nearly two decades in the business you can trust Silent Sports in both our knowledge and expertise when we help you select your gear. We only deal with the most trusted industry brands pride ourselves in being the one-stop shop for kiteboarders across Canada and the U.S.

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