A wise man on a board once said - "We need wind".....Windsurfing Sailsare the engines of our sport. They silently translate the forces of nature into the uninhibited joy that fuels our spectacular sessions!Neil Pryde, is our oldest supplier of sails and a fantastic choice for riders in search of the industries highest-performance sails. Sailworks sails are designed by a Canadian, Bruce Peterson, living in the Gorge, and are a popular choice for windsurfers looking to get rugged sails with amazing performance built for years of abuse on the water. Severne Sails are favored amongst many local windsurfers for their specialty race sails and unique innovations. If fast is your jam, Severne's the man!

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Boards channel the power of the wind, its manipulation from the boom, and the will of the riders body into the outcome of each session. Understanding this process is the basis of choice when selecting your next windsurfing board. Luckily our staff members have cumulatively logged decades of time on the water riding every style board the industry has thrown their way. This means Silent Sports can offer more than just a board, we can offer suggestions to help you choose the best board for your style of riding and experience.

We carry a full line of JP-Australia, Goya, Starboard, and Tahe. JP has a reputation for having some of the best boards for the best prices. If JP does not have the board you’re looking for, you can bet that Starboard does and it’s going to rip. Tahe has its own proprietary construction that is undoubtedly the strongest in the world and will always have a following because of that.

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Windsurfing at its core is a battle of physical control, mental wits, and pure conviction. Blasting down that perfect line fully stacked while harnessing every element nature is throwing at you ignites a stoke that burns for a lifetime of epic sessions and lauded tales amongst friends. Windsurfers old and new share a bond from this experience that exists in a nod, a smile, and an understanding in the culture that you now belong.

Silent Sports understands this core and what it means to be a part of the windsurfing community, from the first tack to charging your first bomber ...switch! Our roots are in the windsurfing business, and our roots run deep. In fact if you ask most of our staff what their first love was, they’ll say windsurfing. Windsurfing is a sport that can be completely adrenaline charged or relaxingly cool and cruisy. As windsurfing gear has evolved and become easier, lighter, and more user-friendly, the sport has become far more family friendly. To this end windsurfing has quickly become a fantastic cottage sport as well as a sport that lends itself well to traveling families in far flung and exotic destinations.

When you’re starting out in windsurfing we will help you put together the perfect package that will fan your stoke and likely have you hooked after your first session! We make it easy for new windsurfers to select the right gear for them from our amazing yet daunting selection. Over the years we have built amazing relationships that equate to our ability to furnish the best windsurfing gear in the business at the best prices backed by a company and staff of knowledgeable windsurfing aficionados that stand firmly behind each and every product we carry.

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A well fit windsurfing harness and lines provides a luxe experience allowing riders to focus on their stoke with no distractions . A properly fit harness offers a comfortable and connected feel to your rig without compromising safety or support due to harness shift during extended sessions. Once accurately fit, you can expect years of stellar sessions on the water without ever thinking of how you are connected!

If you are unsure which harness will provide the best fit for your style, size, and experience level, look no further than our experienced staff! We have decades of harness fitting experience and a full selection of harnesses and lines to ensure you’re comfortable on the water. Choose from our complete line of trusted brands like DaKine, Neil Pryde, Ride Engine, and Mystic harnesses. Each brand has a unique selection of harnesses guaranteed to fuel epic sessions as your journey continues.

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To state the obvious, masts are not sexy, they are not exciting, nor do they look cool. However, often overlooked windsurfing masts discreetly dictate the weight of our rig, our experience on the water, and the performance of our sails during a variety of conditions. If you've ever tried to harness in and waterstart with a heavy mast, you know what we're are talking about! Proper mast selectin is an art, and Silent Sports staff memebers are experts in choosing the proper mast for your rig!

With years of experience in windsurfing and thousands of masts provided to our customers, our staff offers a perspective in mast selection that most shops simply can't compete with. Our exciting stable of mast brands like Chinook, Sailworks, No Limitz, Severne, and Neil Pryde give our riders unique variable of selection that ensures a perfect mast for your rig. From Carbon fiber to spun aluminum we have the mast you need to effortlessly boost your sessions and progress to the next level.

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Booms are one of two physical connections you have with nature during a session.The curving flow of their design, coupled with rigid engineering, provides white knuckled hands the natural, positive, and confidence boosting grip they desire during tacks, jibes, and freestyle moves. To this end, we carry the two most trusted brands in the entire industry, Chinook and Neil Pryde. Both choices offer uncompromising quality, fantastic fit and finish and an incredible line of accessories from uphauls, to harness lines, mast extensions, and everything in-between. If you're in the market for a new or used boom and have any questions, tap that number above and ask a staff member today!

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