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Surfing is arguably the first water sport and definitely it’s one of the most fun. It’s hard to beat the feeling of riding a wave wit h just the power of mother nature pushing you along. While surfing is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do on the water, the reward is worth it, which is why it has always had a huge following.

Paddle out, wait for your set, and find peace with a force of nature as old as time. Better yet, stoke your habit on the hottest surf gear, fins and accessories from fellow surf junkies and wave riders at Silent Sports! We carry top  brands like NP, FCS, Futures, Dakine, Catch Surf and more. With prices so affordable, you can own the board of your dreams and still have cash to feed the fish on your next big wave adventure.

Come by our shop, shop online, or give us a call because we’d love to help you on your surfing journey!


Surfing on the Great Lakes and River Surfing has changed the way people in Canada see surfing. Surfers in Toronto used to think that they had to become globetrotters in order to be surfers, but now they know they can surf at home.

At Silent Sports we carry boards and accessories that make surfing fun and easy wherever you are in the world. We were the first shop in the world to see the genius boards from Catch Surf for their low cost and high fun factor. We’ve also been carrying Bic Surfboards and Super Frog.

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Silent Sports personally selects the fins we carry to provide our riders with the best control, stability, and experience they can have on the water.Whether your looking for a one off replacement fin or picking a brand new set, we have you covered! Silent Sports carries a full lines of high quality single, thruster, quad, and 5 fin setups that are sure to crack a grin on your mug every time you drop! If you have any questions regarding our selection or specifics of a single fin, call us today, answers are always free!

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We are very proud to be the east coast mecca of surf accessories for both local and travelling surfers. With a huge selection of wax, traction pads, leashes, board bags and more, we have the gear you need for every wave from glass to mess!

Being surfers ourselves, we understand that most of us are multi-talented creatures that enjoy additional thrills like Skimboarding, bodyboarding, and bodysurfing with hand-planes. If there's a way to ride a wave you will likely find us in some capacity trying to ride it! To that end we naturally keep a full stock of all of those fun things. We have full stock of Zap Skimboards, the leader in skimboarding as well as things like the Catch Surf Beater Boards, or the Womper boards for bodysurfing.

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