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We want your business, if you find a lower advertised price please call us, we will be competitive. All orders are processed in Canadian funds, actual receipt values may vary slightly if purchased using American Dollars. All Orders are processed during normal in-store operation hours. If any processing errors occur you will be contacted by email or telephone. To confirm shipping costs and delivery please call our location.

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Bike Service
  • All service is performed by our experienced staff. We stand by our work and if it is not to your satisfaction do not hesitate to bring your bike back so that we may correct any issues.
  • All service prices are set based on work requirements; mechanics will provide a reasonable estimate upon receiving and inspecting your bike
  • Listed prices are for labor only and do not include parts


Minor Tune Up $80 This is our most common tune up and covers all basic systems and will make your bike perform as well as it can.
  • Adjustment of front and rear shifters and derailleurs
  • Brake system adjustment or pad replacement
  • Tightening of all components and bearings
  • Truing of both wheels
  • Basic cleaning
  • Overall Safety check
Drivetrain Cleaning $40 Prolong the life of your drivetrain by washing away grease and residue
  • Removal of the drivetrain from the bike (Crank, Cassette, and chain)
  • Washing and cleaning of the parts in a solvent bath
Major Tune Up $150 The ultimate in bike care! This tune up is a complete teardown and rebuild of your entire bike, including all bearing surfaces and replacement (ball bearings only). All parts are cleaned and reinstalled
  • Covers all items from our Minor Tune up and our Drivetrain Cleaning
  • Bearing replacement (where applicable)
Fork Overhaul $60 The best way to extend the life of your expensive suspension fork.
  • Fork teardown and cleaning
  • Lubrication and Oil replacement
  • Reassembly and installation
Wheel Building (per wheel) $60 Custom Handbuilt wheels, laced and tensioned by our expert wheelbuilders, using only the finest DT spokes (Spokes not included)
Wheel True $25-40 per wheel Ensure that your wheel is straight and round
Derailleur adjustment $25 Makes your bike shift as well as possible
Disc Brake Service $35 per side Let our experienced mechanics tune your brakes, all makes and models. This covers installation, bleeding or repair. Price varies according to work