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About Us


Because Silent Sports is in the bike repair business, we are deemed an essential service, and will remain open.

However, we believe it is important to adhere to the spirit of social distancing and will be implementing significant changes to our operations in the interests of protecting our employees and customers.

In summary these changes are being made to encourage customers who would like to make a purchase, to call, or order online. 

An exception is made for bike repairs since these require an in-store physical presence.

Customers who visit the store are asked to make note of the following during this period of Covid-19 Social Distancing:

  1. Where possible, please call or order online.
  2. Our washroom is for employee use only.
  3. A maximum of 2 customers will be permitted in the store at one time.
  4. No returns of anything which is meant to be worn will be accepted until further notice.
  5. No “trying on” for fit is permitted until further notice
  6. Please wear provided gloves before handling merchandise.
  7. Maintain 2 meter social distance at all times.

We look forward to seeing you on the water, on your bike, and after all this has passed, in our store.


Your friends at Silent Sports.

Store Policy

We want your business, if you find a lower advertised price please call us, we will be competitive. All orders are processed in Canadian funds, actual receipt values may vary slightly if purchased using American Dollars. All Orders are processed during normal in-store operation hours. If any processing errors occur you will be contacted by email or telephone. To confirm shipping costs and delivery please call our location.

Internet payment options include Visa and Mastercard and PayPal.

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