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Foilboards for kiting, SUP, windsurfing and surfing.


Foiling has exploded onto scene, revolutionizing our favorite water sports by providing thrilling new three dimensional ways to experience our stoke! By placing a wing (foil) under your favorite board, you can now fly over the top of the water with greater speed and efficiency and almost no impact from surface chop. Light wind riding is now just as fun as bombing around in 30kts thanks to the incredible efficiency hydrofoils provide.

Whether you’re a windsurfer, kiter, paddleboarder, or surfer, Silent Sports has been riding the revolutionary foiling wave since its formation. This has led to deep relationships forged with foil industry leaders like Slingshot, Neil Pryde, JP-Australia and more. Through these relationships we have come to intimately understand how foils are used, what makes them great, and the experiences intended by their makers. We are expertly versed in the various disciplines foiling offers and love sharing our knowledge when assisting our customers in choosing the right gear!

Toronto will occasionally have epic conditions for all water sports, but more often than not, we are continually blessed with marginal conditions. Thankfully for many, foiling is turning these marginal conditions into frequent, exhilarating, and epic sessions on the water!  If you're new to foiling, welcome, we look forward to assisting you on your journey. If you're a seasoned vet, we can't wait to hear what you think of our selection! Either way, we look forward to sharing the stoke and hearing the tales of foiling days past!

Kite Foils & Gear

Kite foils make light wind days a breeze! Killer speed, sessions, and fun with kite foils!


For kiteboarders, coasting effortlessly above the water and waves on a foil is a sensational feeling that just can't be described without doing. However, straight to the point! The best thing hydrofoils have lent to our sport are "MORE DAYS ON THE WATER". Through the efficiency of foiling we can now kite on wind days that would previously have been best for building sand castles.

While learning to foil will definitely have its curves, the reward of more days riding, is for most of us, too enticing to pass up. Being kiters ourselves, we've taken the plunge, been through the wringer, and now passionately advocate the fabulous sessions these things enable! We love foiling, and implore you to amp those light wind days, experience an amazing new way to ride, and grind out incredible sessions on the water!

We fully understand the excitement when choosing your first rig. Being deeply rooted in the sport of Kiteboarding, our vested relationships with top brands has paid dividends to foilers looking to cut their teeth on the best gear in the industry. From Slingshot's Hoverglide series to Moses and Cabrinha, we carry the finest foils, masts, and boards on the market.


Foiling for windsurfing is here to stay


Windsurfing has been the core of wind and water sports for years. Its veterans pioneered kiteboarding and paved the way for some of the most fun and extreme sessions ever imagined. Needless to say the winds are shifting once again with riders like Robbie Naish and Antoine Albeau fully vested in the growth of windfoiling. These pioneers of the sport are back in the game, pushing the envelope of speed, control and fun on the water. What started as a 'fun board' had graduated to literally 'flying' on the water!

Silents Sports started in windsurfing and has been avidly following the development of windfoiling as a sport and just because it's so dang exciting! We carry a full line of windfoiling gear to satisfy every type of windsurfing enthusiast on their journey to foiling greatness. Foiling is the future of the sport, and we're here to share it with you!

Surf 'n' SUP Foils & Accessories

catch the impossible wave and have more fun with foils for SUP and surf boards!


Renowned as a sport for relaxing days on the water with the occasional surf session, stand up paddleboarding has long been a pinnacle of water sports for yoga extremists, paddle racers, lazy day drifters, and anyone looking to squeeze the most stoke from the least of extreme conditions.

Surfers on the other hand crave the ability to catch smaller waves without the struggle while wishing there was a way to catch a longer ride from more distant surf.

Well get ready to be M I N D Blow'in' - Foils have made their way to SUP and what an amazing addition they are! Tipped off by Kai Lenny's famous downwinder, SUP hydrofoiling is here to stay! SUP'rs new and old are waking up from their naps and getting wild like never before! Surfers are also in the game, slapping masts and foils on their boards and riding waves further, faster, and more efficiently than ever imagined.

Now anyone can catch previously un-surfable waves, fly above the Great Lakes, and even surf here in Ontario! All you need is a little motion in the ocean to experience your favorite surf styles in an entirely new light!