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2023 JP Funster Sport 195

JP Australia

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The 2023 JP-Australia Funster Sport is one of the most versatile boards in the JP range. The Funster Sport combines aspects of a traditional longboard, like the use of a retractable dagger-board and parallel rails for amazing light-wind performance, as well as blending the stability and user-friendliness of a modern free-ride boards.

The Funster Sport is a board that first time windsurfers will love because of its stability and its willingness to cruise in all wind speeds. The retractable dagger-board gives confidence and stability and also generates lots of power and upwind ability in lower winds. It can be easily retracted into the board while riding when the wind increases to allow the board to plane. Advanced windsurfers will enjoy the Funster Sport's versatility in high-winds, low-winds, and all water conditions. Because of the long outline and the straight rails the Funster Sport will maintain higher speeds than wide-style boards in sub-planing conditions. Once the Funster Sport does get onto a plane it has an amazing top speed and fantastic control.

The high level of performance of the Funster Sport in all aspects of free-ride windsurfing cannot be emphasized enough. It really is a board that will satisfy every level of windsurfer. Windsurfers up-hauling a sail for the first time will find themselves advancing to a harness, and to using foot straps faster than nearly any other board.


Length: 295cm
Width: 82.5cm
Volumer: 195L
Weight: 31.1lbs
Fin: 38cm Power Box + Daggerboard
Sail Range: 10m and Under

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