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Try stand up paddleboarding and SUP for fantastic fun and health.


Baby it's warm inside.... Our WETSUITS! Conquer the cold this year and wade in past your waistline with our HUGE selection of wetsuits and accessories for sale from top brands like NP, Mystic, and Billabong.

Let's face it, if you're into watersports like kiteboarding, surfing, or SUP, and you want to enjoy yourself all season, you're going to need a wetsuit to stay comfortable (unless you live in the Caribbean). Trust us, we've tried them all and now focus our energy on only the finest quality suits available. From rail sliding an ice berg wrapped in Xcel to stylish wetsuit selfies in runway fashion with Billabong, Silent Sports has you covered! So kite the Arctic or lazily float along on a cool(er) day SUP'n in South Florida, we have everything from drysuits to shorties to keep you toasty while doing what you love.


The hippest styles, most comfort, and best prices for waterwear on the planet at Silent Sports!


What you wear in the water determines your bodily outcome post session. Typical outcomes vary between a burnt, charred version of your former self on a hot sunny day to peeling off your duds in subzero climates to discover the same pasty epidermis you began with! The magic for most is finding a healthy blend of both extremes. This includes comfort on the water with minimal exposure to the harshest elements, keeping the stoke in cool temps, and allowing a bit'o'bronzing while passionately being oblivious to it all in warm weather. We carry the best brands, with the best styles, that provide the best experience for every water bound adventurer on the planet. Check out our wares today and be comfy on your next expedition!

Water Shoes & Booties

New SUP paddles for sale


Often the most underappreciated and hardest working core components of an epic session are your feet. It's imperative to pay attention to your tootsies in cold climates and to keep them protected from all the fun things to step on in mother nature. We have gone through all the trouble (lets be serious, it was a blast) testing booties and water shoes from all walks of life (pun intended). The models you will find here have been personally selected by our staff to keep your walking companions safe and comfortable for a lifetime of momentous firsts on the water.

Wetsuit Accessories

New surfboard fins for sale


From neoprene beanies,  wetsuit repair kits (for those post holiday springtime sessions), ponchos for staying dry, and towels to dry off with, Silent Sports has every accessory you need to stay comfortably in style this season. If you don't see what you need, call us, we probably have one stashed somewhere!